Questions about Ideal Protein

How is the Ideal Protein Diet different from other protein diets on the market?

The Ideal Protein Diet treats the weight problem at its source – by transforming your body’s ability to metabolize sugar and re-educating your pancreas to produce only the right amount of insulin needed, no more.

The Ideal Protein Diet aims at reducing carbohydrates and fats, not protein. In so doing, it preserves muscle tissue and protects vital organs to secure their proper function. In other words, you will primarily lose fat, not muscle.

It features an impressive 18 to 20 grams of protein per portion, twice as much as most of the competition.

When compared to other diets, Ideal Protein contains less saturated fats, no trans fats, no aspartame, no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and no Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Is the Ideal Protein Diet considered a high, medium or low calorie diet?

The Standard Ideal Protein Diet is considered a medium to low calorie diet. It is neither a hypo protein diet nor a hyper protein diet. It offers the optimal quantity of proteins, vitamins and minerals required to ensure the proper functioning of all body systems.